EzXfer - MFi Certified OTG USB Flash drive with Lightning Connector for Apple Devices

EzXfer - MFi Certified OTG USB Flash drive with Lightning Connector for Apple Devices

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Smartphones like the iPhone are an infinitely wonderful, empowering and life-changing technology, and it's a blessing to have one. However, the problem with having an iPhone is that its memory storage can be limiting for a regular consumer who shoots large-file-size photos and videos on the fly.

It's also impossible to transfer iPhone photos directly to an external hard drive for a more robust back-up. You have to rely mostly on the cloud to back up your files, which poses problems when you have no WiFi connection. This problem shall be solved with a wonderful new product out in the market at the end of May this year. It's called EzXfer and it is an exciting product that will make your mobile-heavy life easier and make backing up your files from your iPhone even more efficient and practical.

EzXfer is a metal-quality, On-The-Go (OTG) usb 2.0 flash drive that anyone can use to back up files and photos from their iPhone to a laptop by simply plugging it in.
Its outside shell is made of zinc alloy, which gives it the sturdy material it needs to withstand dust, impact and heavy-duty function during file transfers to any PC. This OTG can be used in any iPhone or iOS device, with a reliable support for Mac OS X, and iOS 6.1|7.x|8.x,WINDOWS XP|7|8

Bulkiness is not a problem with this nifty tool. It merely weighs around 10g, with a size of 5mm x 7.35mm, and so carrying it around during your trips should not be an issue. You can take selfies with your iPhone and immediately back up the files to a USB, instead of relying on 3G connection, which might not be available because of your out-of-town location.

With a read speed of 24M/S -27M/S and write speed of 11-20M/S, you can be assured that it won't take time before you can transfer videos, photos and files from your iPhone to a laptop with an inferior operating system. There's also a default iDiskk app built inside this drive, so no special download of third-party apps is needed, making it less likely for your files to attract malware and virus.

With its special 12-month hardware warranty and free app update for an entire lifetime, EzXfer can be your trusted gadget to quickly free up data space in your iPhone, back up your important data wherever you are and make sure no important moment during your travels is lost. It's also available in Silver and Gold colors.